Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

At Quadrant, we believe that the goal of managing your money is to help you achieve your unique objectives.

These are our core investment principles:

  • In-house expertise: We believe that you deserve direct access to the people making decisions about your portfolio.  We are responsible for these decisions; we do not view our primary role as hiring outside money managers for you.
  • Stewardship: We believe our fiduciary obligation to you is paramount.  One of the ways we demonstrate that we act in your best interest is by investing our own funds just as we do yours.
  • Strategic asset allocation: We believe that allocating funds among stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, cash and other assets is a key driver of portfolio returns—and of portfolio risks.
  • Diversification: We believe that diversification both among and within asset classes can both enhance returns and reduce portfolio volatility.
  • Active management: We believe that security selection matters.  Our primary investment vehicles are individual stocks and bonds.  We believe that active management provides an opportunity for superior risk-adjusted returns over full market cycles.
  • Risk management: We believe that managing portfolio risks supersedes maximizing capital appreciation or income generation.
  • Tactical positioning: We believe that markets, at times, present unusual risks or opportunities, and we will at times make modest changes to strategic asset allocations to reflect our perception of risks and opportunities.
  • Rebalancing: We believe prudent portfolio management includes rebalancing portfolios to maintain your asset allocation.

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  • Tax sensitivity: We believe that awareness of your particular tax position is a critical input into your portfolio construction.  At the same time, investment considerations trump tax considerations.
  • Investment horizon: We believe individual investors have an advantage of time:  we are long term investors, not traders.
  • Discretion: We believe we can optimize management of your portfolio by executing trades on your behalf.
  • Quality: We believe that focusing on higher quality securities lowers portfolio risk.