Planning Your Future

Planning Your Future

Quadrant’s advisory services consist of four key and interconnected offerings: managing your money, planning your future, navigating risks, and designing your legacy.

We believe deeply that a thoughtful, well designed plan is critical to assuring a successful financial future.  Our team of Certified Financial Planners – CFP® – works closely with you to establish and monitor your plan.  And a financial plan is always a work in progress – it needs to change as your life, your goals, and your circumstances change.

Quadrant adheres to the six-step financial planning process:

  1. Establish financial goals and objectives
  2. Gather data
  3. Process and analyze information
  4. Recommend a comprehensive financial plan
  5. Implement the plan
  6. Monitor the plan

Numerous issues will arise as you navigate your future.  We have deep expertise in these areas:


  • Executive compensation plans, including deferred compensation plans and stock options and restricted stock units
  • Education planning
  • Marital status: divorce, marriage
  • Social Security optimization strategies
  • Life events: job change, job loss, birth of a child, retirement
  • Tax aware strategies